THE SUN | This year's hot new trends are perfect for a beauty overhaul

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier was featured in The Sun in January 2021. Read the full article written by Shannon Lawlor, here.



Over the past few years, facial mists haven’t been considered skincare must-haves. Sure, they feel great and can help in providing lightweight hydration, but for the most part they are an unnecessary luxury.

Now, however, misting is taking on a whole new meaning. Instead of focusing on refreshing hydration, modern formulas are out to kill bacteria and blitz spots – with the aim of defeating corona-mask-induced breakouts.


Keep an eye out for spritzes that contain hypochlorous acid, such as Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier, £14.95, and The Light Salon Boost Cleanse & Recovery Spray, £18.

This ingredient targets spot-causing bacteria while keeping the skin’s natural balance in check. Simply pop in your handbag and mist over your face before and after you put a face covering on to prevent maskne.